7th International Colloquium on Historical Earthquakes & Paleoseismology Studies (ICHEPS-2019)

Montag, 04.11.2019–Mittwoch, 06.11.2019
ICGC, Barcelona, Spanien

Veranstaltende Firma, Organisation, Person: RESIF (French seismologic and geodetic network) und ICGC (cartographic and geological institute of Catalonia)

Knowledge of historical seismicity is fundamental for the comprehension of seismic phenomena as well as for hazard assessment, particularly for regions where damaging earthquakes have long recurrence intervals. In this regard, the study of all data sources giving access to the effects of past earthquakes is essential: while instrumental seismology is “blind” before early/mid XXth century, paleo, archeo and historical approaches allow together to cover centuries of earthquakes through the traces they left in geological formations, buildings and documents

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veröffentlicht: Margot Böck, Dienstag, 19.02.2019