DIN 1055: Actions on supporting structures; Part 4: 2005-03 Wind loads; Part 100: 2001-03 Fundamentals of structural design; Safety concept and design rules

DIN 4024: Machine foundations; Part 1: 1988-04 Elastic support structures for machines with rotating masses; Part 2: 1991-04 Rigid (rigid) support structures for machines with periodic excitation

DIN 4150: Vibration in the building industry; Part 1: 2001-06 Pre-determination of vibration quantities; Part 2: 1999-06 Effects on people in buildings
Part 3: 1999-02 Actions on building structures

DIN 4178: 2005-04 Bell towers

DIN 45672: Vibration measurements in the vicinity of railroad tracks

DIN 45673: Mechanical vibrations; Elastic elements of the superstructure of railway tracks

DIN ISO 1940: Mechanical vibrations; Requirements for the balancing quality of rotors in constant (rigid) condition

VDI 2038: Serviceability of structures under dynamic actions Investigation methods and assessment procedures of structural dynamics; Sheet 1: 2012-06 Basic principles methods, procedures and actions; Sheet 2: 2013-01 Vibrations and shocks -Prognosis, measurement, assessment and mitigation; Sheet 3: 2013-11 Secondary airborne noise - Basic principles, prognosis, measurement, assessment and mitigation

VDI 2057: Influence of mechanical vibrations on humans; Sheet 1: 2002-09 Whole-body vibrations; Sheet 2: 2002-09 Influence of mechanical vibrations on humans; Hand-arm vibrations; Sheet 3: 2006-06 Influence of mechanical vibrations on humans; Whole-body vibrations at workplaces in buildings

KTA 2201: Design of nuclear power plants against seismic actions; Part 1: 2011-11 principles; Part 2: 2012-11 foundation soil